We build mobile apps that create competitive advantage.

01 UI/UX Design

We believe that a good UI/UX design brings benefit to users. Our team of experts turns ideas into creative designs with intuitive user experience. We apply design thinking in our product design, which is a user-centric approach aiming at providing the best solution to users.

Research & Analysis

Understanding users’ needs and wants is the core of user-centric design. We dive deep in understanding the product’s idea, competitor analysis and product positioning. In-depth analysis is performed to gather user insights; target users’ behaviors, needs and pain points are identified.


Prototype is an experimental model to visualize product’s idea, it helps to explore concepts and ideas before investing time and money in program development. It allows us to gather relevant feedback, test and improve on the ideas in a timely fashion.

Wireframe is used to structure user experience and identify usability issues. Use cases are demonstrated with interactive mockup, which is great for explaining the app idea to relevant stakeholders or investors.

Visual Design

Visual design is about communication between the app and users. User Interface (UI) design is one of the key factors affecting user experience. Our designers create brand-centric visual design system. Design Language System and Specification are developed in order to create a pixel-perfect user interface.

02 Development

We understand it is all about execution when bringing ideas to life. Having years of mobile application development experience, our iOS and Android development teams launch successful products with latest technologies. We aim at creating high-quality apps which stand out from competitors.


We utilize well-proven methodologies to manage every project. Our experienced developers turn designs into webs or mobile apps. We provide development services together with project management and quality assurance.

Usability Testing

Usability testing is conducted to best address users’ need during the development phase. Data-driven design approach is used to collect and analyze users’ behaviour. We identify design problems and fine tune the product. It enables us to build high quality apps and software.


We save you the trouble of app submission and approval from different stores. Furthermore, we go the extra miles to provide maintenance and support to keep your app secure and up-to-date.